About us



The company was founded 21 years ago by Mrs. Nicole Wessel and is now one of the largest for international handling, based in San Fernando de Maspalomas. Phoenix Trans Internacional is the only licensed forwarding agency between Las Palmas and Mogán.

There is practically no routine in the transport business, because somehow every shipment or transport is unique. Concrete knowledge is required. For example, what are the local legal regulations of the country to which you are sending something? How do you pack something and what effort does that entail? What customs duties have to be paid, which papers are required and which partners can be relied on one hundred per cent in the country of arrival so that nothing “gets lost”.
This is also the reason why we operate our own warehouse. We can also put our hands in the fire for our employees, all of whom have been with us for many years – and the same applies to any partner companies. We never work with strangers. This quality and consistency is highly appreciated by our customers.

However, certain prerequisites must be met in order to be successful. At Phoenix Trans, it is not only that we speak 5 languages, but also that we have the necessary contacts and keep a cool head when things get stressful again.


Our strength is service and flexibility. We place the highest value on seriousness and this starts with the company form of the company. We do not ship to anywhere as a one-person company, but take full responsibility – from collection, storage in our own warehouse, which is not accessible to strangers, the delivery itself to the destination in Germany or any other country on our planet. Of course, for imports, this includes the complete customs clearance. We deliver to the kerbside, but before that the exact arrival time is coordinated with the customer.

Phoenix Trans Internacional also offers the option of additional loading. The difference is the lower price compared to a complete container and the shorter transport time.

Know-how is the basis for success:

  • Worldwide transports
  • Shipping
  • Logistical strategies
  • Secure packaging
  • Excellent shipping methods
  • Logistical warehousing
  • Road transport
  • Fast delivery