Average – Spare parts

Quickly repaired: We get you back on course

We at PHOENIX TRANS INTERNACIONAL are a long-standing partner of the ARC Regatta, the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. Which is no coincidence, but the result of our flexibility, expertise, short response times and decades of experience. The ARC is the largest sailing regatta in the world and traditionally starts in Las Palmas on the Canary Islands.

We prevent you from being shipwrecked

Something always happens at some point. A broken mast, for example. Every boat needs a replacement part now and then. And then? The show must go on – and the regatta even more so.

Whenever there is a need, we are there. We fetch spare parts flown in from the airport as quickly as possible. We can do this because we know all the import regulations, including those for hazardous goods containing paint, and can thus significantly speed up customs clearance. This means that we can usually deliver the required spare parts to the dry dock within the shortest possible time, or even straight to the country of the next leg of the regatta.

By the way: We can also provide even exotic spare parts reliably and quickly by land. Feel free to contact us if your beloved classic car is missing something!