Pallet transport


Everything pallet: standardised, practical, safe

Pallet transports follow international standards, you would think. But did you know that national regulations can be tricky transport traps? One example: In the USA, nothing may be packed on wooden pallets. In Turkey, your washing machine will be quarantined for weeks if it has not been prepared in a certain way before transport.

We at PHOENIX TRANS INTERNACIONAL are at your side with a lot of experience, know-how and our full commitment. So that your transport goods get from A to B and, if necessary, around the world in perfect condition and legally secure.

Thanks to our efficient network, we can access warehouses worldwide and organise inexpensive groupage transports. We handle all customs formalities correctly for you.

Additional loads are waiting together in the company’s own containers at the ports. This is essential, as experience shows that free-standing goods often fall victim to theft.

Our most frequent pallet transports

  • Worldwide removals
  • Commercial transports, such as importing and exporting goods for the retail trade
  • Removals from or to the Canary Islands
  • Removals within an island and between different Canary Islands