Car transport


Car transport: We take your car around the world
Are you moving to the Canary Islands and want to take your car with you? Then we are there for you. By the way, even if your destination is the Spanish mainland or any other place in the world. Or if you already live in your country of choice but want to import a car, for example from Germany. The following applies to vehicle transports: they are not for beginners – they are for us!

Insurance is good. Good packaging is better
Moving cars over land and water, around the world requires extensive expertise, for example in terms of packaging and securing. Transport damage should be avoided at all costs – many a person has already bitterly regretted relying on an assumed insurance cover instead of a reputable transport company. Our promise: We protect your vehicle with all our commitment. As if it were our own and as if we loved it.

What makes vehicle transport complicated and your life easier
The import of cars is subject to complex regulations in many countries – especially in the Canary Islands as an EU third country with special status. In short, the transport of vehicles is regulated by numerous laws in various countries, which can be very costly to violate. Also, only the consideration of numerous requirements ensures that you can register your car in your destination country at all. A car as removal goods, for example, is legally treated quite differently from a pure transport of goods. We know all the details!

Our commitment makes your transport cheaper
Did you know that we can transform your vehicle from a dangerous good into a normal transport good in just a few simple and, of course, harmless steps? Or that shipping companies like to tighten their fire regulations in connection with vehicle transports?

Our special knowledge
regularly saves our customers a lot of money, ways, time and nerves. Trust in our expertise from decades and our always up-to-date information on regional and supra-regional legal amendments!