Renovation logistics


Every material has its time: House and hotel renovation logistics

PHOENIX TRANS INTERNACIONAL is your partner if you are furnishing, renovating, refurbishing, converting or even building a house or hotel complex.
The only partner and contact person you will need. 

With years of experience in importing and transporting building materials, our dedicated team will handle your entire renovation logistics according to plan and need. Ask about our inexpensive consolidated transports for building materials from German production!

Another building site? With us you are at the right one.

Construction sites have their own dynamics, and not only the desired ones. Having building materials needed later on a construction site too early favours shrinkage. We plan meticulously and coordinate each of our deliveries with your construction progress.

Building materials not delivered at all are another form of shrinkage that often occurs. We uncover delivery gaps – through our sophisticated control and reconciliation procedure.

What was delivered but is not needed until later, we store safely in our warehouse. And you? You can be sure that everything, from floor tiles to electrical appliances, will be delivered on time and in full.

Form assistance for private customers

Private individuals renovating a house are often faced with unsolvable puzzles when importing building materials. Or they commit formal errors, which often cause months of building work to be halted due to difficulties with customs or other authorities.

We are happy to advise you on difficult issues and check that your suppliers’ invoices comply with the law, so that you do not lose any tax benefits due to minor mistakes.