We offer you your perfect and professional move with our A to Z service

International removals by container / additional cargo / air freight

Groupage containers to and from Germany and Europe

Complete freight forwarding incl. customs clearance

Removals to and between the islands and the Spanish mainland

Vehicle transport and registration / re-registration /

Specialist in air, land and sea freight worldwide.

International transports of commercial goods

Our company is specialised in international transports as well as removal orders. We work in the languages German, English, Spanish and French,

Spanish and French, we offer you the ideal conditions for a safe and reliable execution of your order.

Our range of services includes all the services of a multinational forwarding company, from transport monitoring, customs clearance, official procedures, delivery within the individual islands to the handling of complaints and insurance.

Depending on the order volume and delivery time, we offer exclusive handling or groupage. Special transports for yachts, motor vehicles or works of art are also part of our everyday business.

We use the most modern administration and communication systems to monitor the exact processes and procedures for the shipment and thus offer an efficient information possibility for our customers at any time. The satisfaction of our customers is guaranteed by a careful, reliable and safe service.

From there, our motto is:

  Customised removals and transports …



Worldwide transports
Phoenix Trans Internacional is your partner for fast and safe transports worldwide, even if it has to go a little further…


Air freight
Air Freight Transports offers you the flexibility and speed to reach the world’s markets quickly and safely



Land freight
Depending on the requirements, our transport vehicles have special equipment for the customer, trade or industry.




Sea freight
Modern sea freight transports no longer begin and end at the port. We ensure smooth transport all along the line …