Container transport


Container transports: Properly combined is half transported

PHOENIX TRANS INTERNACIONAL handles private and commercial container transports – worldwide. Our containers are available in various sizes as well as open and closed, depending on your needs. We supplement our range of services with flats: We need these if you want to move things that cannot fit in a container.

With proven partners in various countries, we calculate your required transport volume after a personal on-site inspection. We properly determine the need for packaging materials and provide them in full on request.

Our scope of services is as flexible as you are. If you would like to take care of the loading and unloading yourself at one or both locations of your transport, we will make this possible for you. If, on the other hand, you would like special services, such as the assembly of furniture at the destination, you are also well looked after by our dedicated team.

Dead end – when containers meet obstacles
Containers cannot be delivered directly to many addresses due to narrow streets or other obstacles in the landscape. We have the solution: we take the container as far as possible or to our warehouse. A reloading into smaller vehicles that can drive to your chosen destination ensures a smooth delivery of your goods.

Additional loads – we find the right gap
Additional loads are cost-efficient and ecologically sensible. If you don’t need a whole container for your goods, we’ll find space in another one. While we only ever pack the goods of one customer on pallets, we open our containers – with seamless planning and completeness checks – for all kinds of additional loads.