Motorbike transport


We bring your motorbike safely over land and water …

Riding a motorbike is freedom. If you love your motorbike, you like to take it with you. When travelling and especially when moving around the globe. What many people don’t know is that the route to a safe and legally registered motorbike in the destination country usually goes much further than the transport route.


the specialist knowledge for smooth motorbike transports, the diligence of perfect documentation of the vehicle’s condition, the packer mentality to safely pack your motorbike down to the last centimetre and the knowledge of the often complex vehicle import regulations of various countries.

Into the box!

Over time, reputable haulage companies and also aggrieved motorbike owners came to agree that there is only one safe way to protect a motorbike for transport: packing it in a wooden crate. Which is not so easy, because measurements have to be taken, rails are required for the safe entry of the motorbike into the crate and the fixation of the motorbike inside the finished wooden crate has to be learned. Ask us for an individual offer for your bike and your destination country!

Special case of Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are not “just sort of Spain”, as many people think. Due to a special status as an EU third country, importing a motorbike to the Canary Islands can be quite tricky. Especially if you want to be able to register your bike legally in the end – for which the payment of import taxes is by far not everything. We take care of all the red tape, import regulations and customs papers for you at the same time. We will gladly pave the way and the motorbike route to your new domicile in the sun.