1,700 m² storage area: We have space for you

At our location in the south of Gran Canaria we operate our own warehouse. Equipped with a modern management system, a total of 1,700 m² is available to our customers in the special construction with two retracted floors.

Our warehouse completes our transport service in many ways. For example, for the storage of building materials until the time of processing as part of our house and hotel renovation logistics. For the reloading of goods from containers that cannot be brought to some destinations due to winding roads. For the storage of removal boxes if, for example, your move-in date is postponed. Your advantage can be calculated: If you had to leave your goods at the port for longer due to unforeseen events, you would have much higher costs.

We place the highest value on the security of all goods entrusted to us. Our warehouse is dry, shaded and monitored in every section by our own security personnel and additionally by an alarm system. And – just in case and force majeure – well insured.

Storage of vehicles and goods

If you are away for a few months of the year, you naturally want your car or motorbike to be well protected. Against damage or even against the towing of long-term parkers, which is common on the Canary Islands. At favourable monthly rates, you know your vehicle is in the best hands with us – and in soft packaging.

Precise documentation and logging of the vehicle’s condition at the time of storage ensures that no damage can go unnoticed.

Practical examples from our warehouse

Moving – when things get delayed:

  • You can move into your home, but the renovation work has not been completed on time? We store your removal goods while your dream home is being completed.
  • You move into a house that was measured according to Spanish standards – without taking sloping roofs etc. into account. Suddenly there is not enough room for everything you took with you from your home country. We store it until you have decided what to do with it.

Renovation – Important things better out of the building site:

  • While your four walls and especially what is in between are being renovated, you need space. Most importantly, your possessions are safe from construction dust and theft in our storage while tradesmen populate your home. 

Wintering & “over-summering” – when you’re away:

  • When you leave your winter domicile, uncertainty returns. For example, because of the worrying burglary statistics on the Canary Islands. With us, your valuables and works of art, sports equipment, expensive coffee machines or mementos that are dear to you are safe. And when you come back? Just give us a call – we’ll bring everything back to its place at your desired time.

Storing cars & motorbikes – safe is safe:

  • During longer absences, it is best to put your vehicles in storage with us. Anyone who parks on public land in the Canary Islands for longer than two weeks is classified as a so-called “wild parker”, warned by a note on the windscreen and towed away promptly and very expensively. Even if you have an underground parking space at your disposal – especially at times of the year when the public is less frequent, no one will notice if your rims or car sound system change hands unintentionally. Our warehouse offers your car or motorbike protection as well as very careful treatment by our dedicated team.